4 pieces $5.99

6 Pieces $8.99

10 pieces $13.99

Small fried corn tortilla topped with meat, cabbage and carrot slaw, salsa and sprinkle of cheese

Camarones a la Planca$8.99

Grilled shrimp, 8 pieces

Camarones Empenizados $8.99

Breaded fried shrimp, 8 pieces

Calamares Empanizados $9.99

Breaded fired calamari

Alistas de Pollo $5.99

Chicken wings, 7 pieces

Pechuguitas de Pollo $ 5.99

Fried chicken tenders, 7 pieces

Chicharrones $5.99

Fried pork skins, 5 pieces

Salchi-Papas $6.99

Mixed fried sliced hot dogs and french fries

Nachos con Frijoles Volteados $5.99

Tortilla chips with refried black beans

Nachos con Carne Favorita $6.99

Tortilla chips topped with beans, mozzarella cheese, cream , pico de gallo, sprinkle of cheese and your favorite meat

Pollo, Bistec, Adobada o Carnitas

Chicken, Steak, Adobada or Carnitas

Chile Relleno $2.50

Red peppers stuffed with meat and veggies, wrapped with egg and fried, topped with salsa, onion and cilantro

Platanos Fritos $3.99

Friend plantains

Tostones $3.99

Fried green plantains

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