Grilled tender pieces of chicken, steak or shrimp sautéed with green and red peppers with onions. Served in a hot iron skillet. All fajitas are served with rice, pico de gallo, guacamole and cream

Fajitas de Pollo o Bistec $9.99

Chicken or steak fajitas

Camarones $12.99

Shrimp fajitas

Dos amigos $14.99

Chicken and steak fajitas

Tres amigos $18.99

Chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas.


Thick handmade tortillas, topped with green salsa, lettuce, cream,
onions, fresh cheese and your choice of meat

Pollo, bistec o adobada $10.99

Chicken, steak or adobada

Camarones $13.99


Chilaquiles de Pollo o Bistec $9.99

Fried tortilla chips covered with green or red salsa and melted cheese,
cream and pico de galo, served with chicken or steak


Grilled and folded four tortilla stuffed with cheese, tomato and onions

Quesadillas de Queso $4.99

Cheese quesadillas

Pollo, Bistec o Adobada $7.49

Chicken, steak or adobada

Quesadillas de Camarones 8.99

Shrimp quesadilla

Mixta de Pollo y Bistec $12.99

Quesadilla mixed with chicken and steak

Mixta de camarones, Pollo y Bistec $13.99

Mixed shrimp, chicken and steak


Served with your choice of meat. Four flour rolled and stuffed
with tomato, onions, red and green peppers

Pollo, Bistec o Adobada $8.99

Chicken, steak or adobada

Vegetales $5.99


Arroz y Frijoles $4.99

Rice and Beans